• Episode 8: Pavel Kireyev

    In this episode, I talk to Pavel Kireyev (INSEAD) about two of his recent papers. In one paper, he studies what drives willingness-to-pay in the CryptoKitties market, and also analyzes how valuing items based on observed prices may be biased. In another paper, he studies how differences in bidding costs between marketplaces can lead to different price outcomes.

  • Episode 2: Readings and Links

    In the second episode of this podcast, Noah explained how he measures the novelty of pop songs. In 2017, he published a first paper on this topic in the American […]

  • Episode 1: Readings

    In Episode 1, Amy talked about her research (with Roman Kräussl) on fractional ownership, which was published in Management Science and can be found here (ungated pre-print here). In 2019, […]