Tag: NFTs

  • Episode 8: Pavel Kireyev

    In this episode, I talk to Pavel Kireyev (INSEAD) about two of his recent papers. In one paper, he studies what drives willingness-to-pay in the CryptoKitties market, and also analyzes how valuing items based on observed prices may be biased. In another paper, he studies how differences in bidding costs between marketplaces can lead to different price outcomes.

  • Episode 7: Sam Rosen and Anthony Zhang

    In Episode 7, I talk to Sam Rosen (Temple University) and Anthony Zhang (University of Chicago) about their new paper, in which they document how experienced investors outperform inexperienced ones in the NFT market. 

  • Episode 3: Joshua Fairfield

    In Episode 3, I talk to Joshua Fairfield, Professor of Law at Washington and Lee University, about digital property and NFTs. We discuss the problems with (the lack of) property rights in the context of virtual worlds, e-books and digital music; how the blockchain can support people's urge to collect; and what are some of the issues with the contracts associated with NFTs.